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I would like to make a public request to Pat from Musclecarboneyard / / Wesell4you, or what else they are called, to let me know if he intends to resolve me issue regarding hobnail seat covers supposedly sent.

Before I start bad mouthing you and your business Pat, I am offering you the change to put things right and explain yourself, however do not bother to respond defending yourself and accusing me of being impatient or unreasonable (like you have other people that have complained about your service) UNLESS you can provide me and post up here the ****USPS TRACKING NUMBER ****for the parcel that you supposedly sent out on the 9th of June. Unless you can provide this proof, your words mean nothing and are not credible. It's not too much or unreasonable for a customer to ask for this proof of postage and so far you have not supplied, despite numerous requests since the 12th June. (i paid for these on the 2nd June).

this was the response I finally got from Pat today when I mentioned the Feds -
"Paypal DID take the money It is not in my account I took nothing as I do not have the paymentI can send a copy of the file showing when they removed the funds, Pat."

So again I replied inviting him to show me this proof and asked If he would pick up the phone when I call - nothing as usual - just like he never produces a tracking number - he talks the talk, but can't walk the walk.


brian c:
These things NEVER work out when aired like this. I suggest you keep this OFFLINE via emails and phone calls. If you're that po'd start a paper trail logging dates and times of your contacts. You will have more ammunition that way when you need to lodge a dispute with Paypal.

Good Luck - I hope it works out for you.

This is my last option - I don't have time time to waste investigating this guy forever.

I have already filed a dispute with Paypal and it is now closed - It was decided in favour of me, but could not give me a refund as there are no funds in his account. although they are now legally investigating him as this isn't the first complaint against him.

I'm through with tip toeing around and worrying about upsetting this guy and being careful what I say.


--- Quote from: brian c on July 24, 2008, 11:03:17 AM ---These things NEVER work out when aired like this. I suggest you keep this OFFLINE via emails and phone calls.
--- End quote ---

I DO NOT think that these should be kept offline and should be made public.  I have had 3 people in the last few weeks come to me via emails offline about paying for a product and not getting parts.  They do not even get hardly any resonses or emails at all from him either explaining what is going on.  I know of about 7 or 8 people in the last few months up to a year that have had the same experiences with this same company/person.  I have sent him a PM myself asking about it and he has not responded to me either.  I don't think it should be kept private or kept hush hush at all.  People have the right to know if someone out there is doing bad business.  This Forum (as any forum should be) is a free public place for people to share their expereinces with a company good or bad.  If posts like this get deleted on any Forum, then I think that is bad practice.  This also gives the company a chance to explain the situation and defend themselves.  Now, I normally do not get involved with things like this, but I also do not like seeing the Trans Am Consumers being kept in the dark when things go bad.

I tend to agree with Hitman, if all your going to do is only allow good feedback then why have the feedback section at all?  If the thread becomes a pissing contest then I think something needs to be done but beyond that....


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