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6.6 liter vs 6.6 t/a

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--- Quote from: SgtRock on September 11, 2011, 01:34:58 PM --- and thuis the only way to have an "original" version of the car is to have it match the "factory correct" standard.

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So just so I understand your position, if a car had dealer installed side moldings that were NOT installed by the factory, this would no longer be considered a "factory correct" car?

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yes...factory correct w/ dealer installed option.  and hood bird was also a factory option, but ill bet dealers installed hundreds of em. (didnt effect shaker decal)

Burd Turd:
I'm going to put up my over beaten piece of bloody pounded thin prime meat back up here, so where did my imaginary shaker decals come from?


--- Quote from: 78455 on September 14, 2011, 06:54:32 PM ---I don't claim to be an authority on the subject, but I did own several Trans ams between 77-79 and they were all either brand new or slightly used. Back then the 6.6 Ltr decal was what you saw if the car had the lower performance Pontiac 400 or the Olds 403. The higher output Pontiac 400 always had the T/A 6.6 decal. The cars I remember not having any decals on the shaker were those with the chevy engine, and there were a few. I am a big fan of Pontiacs, always have been, can't tell you how many Pontiacs I've owned through the years, way too many to list, and I do believe that in todays market a 77-79 Trans am with the Pontiac 400 especially the ones with the 4 speed manual tend to be worth more. A 79 400 4 speed should be at the peak of the value charts as those fall in the low production catagory, plus they were produced late in the 79 model year. With all that said, and I probably won't make many friends here by saying this, but in my opinion the better engine was the Olds 403. Yes, it was rated with lower hp than the W72, but G.M also rated that power with less timing, as the 403 was produced by Olds rather than Pontiac, which obviously created a conflict. When the timing on the Olds engine was set at it's optimum, the Olds actually made more power. The Olds 403 also didn't suffer from bearing issues as did the Pontiacs. BTW, my latest project was selected specifically because it had a Pontiac engine.

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one word "siamesed"

John Witzke:
Between the time you car was built whenever in 1978 and Nov 1979 (1980 models already out) when you bought your car is anybodys guess.  The 1979 6.6 LITRE shaker decal was available during that time.  I also find it odd that your car was produced without a jack, spare tire and inflator can.  Now there was a time in early 1977 these cars were delivered with full size spares instead or space saver tire.  

Burd Turd:
No, I agree w/ you, I think the person had all that taken out for more room in the trunk, I made them put all new stuff in before i signed off on the car, I went back to the dealer, from the invoice it was a stock car and they said it was one of the general mgr's car for a year. John, I wasn't referring to you when I made the pebble beach comment, that was a show here in Mi, I would love to have a couple with you and talk TA's!


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