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62I and 62X


What are these two codes on the build sheet for?
62I says Buckskin trim?
62X says BIG 4 Tan?


What that's really telling you is that the interior is all Buckshin Tan as opposed to two toned.

Not sure what the "I" is for in 62I. Normally the letter part of that is:

B for Lombardy cloth (velour type cloth)
R for Oxen vinyl (course gained vinyl)
N for Doeskin vinyl (smoother grained vinyl)

Maybe "I" was used on a year I'm not familiar with. WHat year car do you have?

62 is Buckskin or dark Camel Tan. Thus the build sheet would normally have 62B, 62R or 62N. Clear as mud? :)

62X - "Big 4 Tan" are the colors of the dash, center console, carpet and rear shelf (4 pieces). If the "62" had been some other number then the car would have a two tone interior. Since both numbers are 62 then the interior would be all one color (Buckskin Tan).

Here's a page on my site that might help explain how those codes apply to interiors.

Hope this helps.


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