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I cannot believe what was in the box!!!

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Tin Indians Rule:
I've been searching for someone to replate/restore the grilles for my 76 TA and so far the prices have been insane! During my search I stumbled across a pair (left and right) of NOS 1976 Trans am grilles in the box for less than what it was going to cost to get mine restored. After some haggling (gotta cut em' a little or it's not fun) I bought them. They shipped two days apart and the first one arrived today. My car is just a regular run of the mill black 455 4 speed car. Here is a picture of the grille that arrived today. Anyone notice the problem? Is this good luck or bad? What are the chances the other grille will be a mate to this one??

You mean being Special Edition grilles? ;)
I wouldn't use them, sell them to me! ;D

George  8)

Tin Indians Rule:
Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was very surprised to find a set of regular grilles. Being one year only I thought locating a set would be out of the question. I never dreamed an SE grille would still be floating around. If the other box has an SE grille when it arrives I'll sell them both. If I end up with a mixed pair I'm not too sure what I'm going to do.  :-\

Holy crap Robert! This is one of those feel good but disapointed kind of moments. I know how ya feel man. Good luck to ya!

Tin Indians Rule:
Wow, talk about eye pop!! I wonder how these puppies will look installed in my nose piece???  :'( :'( :'(

talk about rotten luck!! I guess the gold one will need to be painted to match the black one!   >:(


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