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Bandit one:
Where is the best place to buy factory original seat covers and carpet for my 81 turbo trans am? The car is all original with only 50000 kms but the seats are faded and a mouse chewed one so it important they look original. The seats have vertical lines in them and are dark blue as the carpet. thanks for the help.....

Right now, you are pretty much out of luck on the 1981 seats.  The only places that I can think of is SMS or Fryer's both located on the West Coast.  The carpet you can get from ost suppliers and matches the original pretty darn well.

Bandit one:
Oh man! Of course the 81 seats would be the hard to find ones...Does the '80 t/a have the same type of seat? The 81's have vertical lines. What supplier has the best quality of carpet? thanks

Bandit one:
Also i never heard of those two companys and can't find them on the internet, do you have thier website address?

The 1980 TA has a different kind of seat.  1981 was a one off year for those seats.  It was the only year they made that type of material.  For the carpet, get ACC carpet.  Here is the links for the other two companies:


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