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78 TA Leans
« on: August 28, 2018, 10:53:12 PM »
I am having a leaning issue(in rear, seems to dip on drivers side) along with the passenger side tire seems to be almost flush with the fender lip.
Keep in mind all the things I replaced were original and worn beyond servicing or some BS aftermarket junk.
QA1 Single Adjustable Coil Overs(yes they have been adjusted to the same height)
All new Moog bushing in control arms
All new Moog steering components
Detroit Speed Sway bar(OE Spec)
Sway Bar End Links(MOOG)
Front Control arms were removed and sandblasted then painted
Eaton leaf springs(NPD)
Detroit Speed Sway bar and bushings(this was a kit from NPD that included the dogbone arms)
New Shackles with new bushings
QA1 single adjustable shocks(not coil over)

The rear was leaning before I replaced the leaf springs. I have driven to alabama from florida since the replacement of these parts. I drive it regularly so everything has had time to settle.

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Re: 78 TA Leans
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2018, 09:10:25 AM »
lean on these cars is common, can be anything from a bent frame/subframe mount area to bad body bushings or springs installed wrong.  if you said you replaced everything i assume you installed them right & replaced the body bushings.

i had a car that had been abused or maybe even jumped like the bandit or dukes of hazzard & it bent the floor area where the rear subframe bushings mounted, i had to use some washers as shims to get it straight.

aside from physical damage, you might want to check the install of the rear springs, make sure they are lined up with the holes in the shock plates & tightened evenly.  also check front end links, they can pull the car down if over or unevenly tightened.  best of luck figuring it out. 
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