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Correct decals for a y88

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Burd Turd:
I put the P.G.  decals on my 78 y88, the sail panel bird is wrong size i think, they also include the t/a 6.6 in the kit. a couple knuckle heads at the dream cruise said i had the wrong decals on the shaker. that since i have the poncho mill it should be t/a 6.6. I know what came on my car, but the size of the sail bird isn't correct i think.also, the guys that do the air cleaner decals in atlanta took my original keep your sticker and is producing it now. i see it in a couple catalogs, correct for a 78 L78 motor

pictures would help. and ta .6 was for the w72 L78 came with no call outs.

I was under the impression the Y88 cars did not have a decal on the shaker.

Burd Turd:
I got my car in 79, it had 6.6 litre on the shaker, larger birds on the sails. they sent me small ones, I even ordered it from the owner? olds had the same.

I am by no means an expert, but I ordered the decal directions from Hitman and the decals from PG via Brett, and the only thing that didn't go on the Y-88's was the "trans am" sticker on the drivers side nose. The last page in my restoration thread shows the decals on...again, not sure if its 100% correct, but they are according to PG & i'm satisfied with it the look.


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