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I got a car from build a bandit, compared to some that did not even get a car I feel lucky.Mine is a '78 hardtop #s matching. Granted I've spent 7k and did most of the work myself ,but at least I have something to  show for all this. I did not  apply for a "refund"  because 1)I knew there wouldn't be anything left & 2) some people had invested 14-18k with no car. I could not in good conscience ask for money back knowing that.

Dark T/A:

--- Quote from: Flounder55 on October 08, 2014, 08:58:37 PM ---Here is Bob the Bandit's local newcast claim to fame! LOL

--- End quote ---

Amazing I'm so glad they got him..too bad it was under a different crime and it was his own fault. Scammers do people live with themselves that hurt others.


--- Quote from: Flounder55 on April 04, 2014, 03:08:14 AM ---That looks nice viperman!  So what are you gonna do with what's left of the 76? It's still at Dennis's.....right?

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Thanks Flounder.  I really don't check here often (obviously).  It's been sitting at Dennis' place - trying to connect with him now and figure out the plan for the car once and for all.

Flounder55:   Look like our boy finally got somewhat of what he deserved. Restitution has been ordered so we will see where this goes.

Thanks for the update Flounder, at least we know where he is and I would be curious if he will have any visitors... >:D


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