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So he obtained 2.2M and gets a free room and board for 2 -2.5 yrs.   Doubt any of the restitution will be paid, minimal if any and over what amount of time.  But lets say all 400k gets paid, that leaves him with 1.8M. How many of you make 720-900k/ yr?  There's probation but that's just good behavior.  Free room & food, take it in the butt a little for 2yrs and walk out with 2.2M (or whats left of it) and interest.  Sounds like a WIN to me. 

Kid, I don't disagree with you. Only 30 of his over 100 victims filedcomplaints with the NCDOJ so those are the only ones he is OBLIGATED to pay back. If he does not make restitution he is looking at (At Least) another 5 years. But your exactly right........He actually took in 2.8 million so I'd say he got a sweet deal!

Who says crime does not pay!!!!!

Well another twist to the build a bandit saga has unfolded. It seems that North Carolina only recognizes people that filed criminal complaints as victims even though we were told it is a civil matter. Not really sure how they hand out justice in North Carolina but it seems to be the place to live ....if your a criminal!

Only 2 years? What about tax evasion? Can they get him on that too?

Jupiter, the DA has said that's it, he is done with this case. I guess he got his car!!!!


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