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Read most of this for the first time today. Did anyone follow him to his release? Is he back in the restoration business?

Glad you dug this thread up, I'm actually looking for cars the Build A Bandit guy butchered, I've never seen this thread before, but i'd like to speak to people involved with this build a bandit thing, and if he is out i'd be very interested to try and talk to him

I haven't heard what happened to him, but there is a facebook group under "build a bandit". You could contact them I bet someone there has an some info on his whereabouts.  I received my 15 X 8 WS6 wheel from Classic Industries yesterday, I plan on having them installed next week. The only other thing I plan on doing to mine is replacing the grills, then all I'm going to do is drive it.

I wonder if JasonD is back out yet?

Bladerunner, check back in 6months time, let us know of the engine rebuild, the respray and what the new interior will be out of!

No need for an engine rebuild, it's strong. The paint is driver quality, but more than acceptable as I actually drive this car. As far as the interior is concerned I refinished that myself 8 years ago.


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