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my TransAm, Stella


I've had a bit of difficulty trying to find a good valuation for my T/A and was wondering if you could be of assistance.  Here is a description:

1. 1979 T/A Special Edition & T-bar hatch roof
2. L78 engine (Pontiac 400cid) w/ 4-speed manual transmission
3. W84 designation on under-hood fender wall plate
4. Air conditioning
5. According to the original window sticker (which I have) it has the Special Performance package (8-in. snowflake wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, and Special Handling Package) as well as custom velour trim group and other extra-charge features, except for no power windows.
6. I special ordered the car and received delivery in Nov. 1978.
7. It has just turned over 26,000 miles (mostly highway) and has always been stored indoors and has never seen winter driving.
8.  There is also a factory error in the shaker hood designation. My shaker says "6.6 Litre" instead of "T/A 6.6". The former is the designation for the Oldsmobile 403 L80 engine. There can't be too many like mine with this error.
9. Obviously, a few blemishes are present but I have always taken excellent care of the car. In fact, I don't believe that I have ever put "the pedal-to-the-metal" or popped the clutch.
10. I have the original Uniroyal tires and disc brake pads in storage.

Any assistance you could provide in terms of value as well as suitable marketplaces would be greatly appreciated.BTW, 192 KB does not even cover one of my jpeg files (~800KB). You must be kidding.

TA Crazy:
May be interested in your car if you're thinking of selling, where are you located?


Pittsburgh, PA. Although sale is a possibility, really do not want to nor do I need to. The price would have to be very very good for me to sell. Having said that, I am still trying to determine an accurate valuation for her. I did find a broad range  on NADA but not a lot of detail.

TA Crazy:
I agree prices all over the board, Old Car Report values a #1 car at 25k. If you decide to advertise let me know. Iím in Ohio 40 min from your western border


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