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Looking for specific set of floor mats

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Hi everyone.....I'm needing your help in locating a set of floor mats that I think would look awesome in my 79 SETA!  I have seen them in some catalogs, however their listed as Discontinued.  The only way I can describe them to you is to show is a link to a pic of the ones I'm looking for:

Any kind of help would be Greatly Appreciated!    Thanks!


yeah i think you might be out of luck, i looked in classic industries, year one and performance years and i couldn't find them. Hitman might be able to find you some but if not, classic industries has a bunch of good looking mats to choose from, thats where i got mine. Good luck!!

They have not had a set like those for sale for about 3 years now.  I used to sell them, but they stopped making them.  I have seen them come up for sale on Ebay every now and then, but that is your only hope.  Here is what they looked like:

Or in gold

I was looking for those myself! Ended up with a cheap set off EBAY that are paper thin, but better than nothing

Thanks for the input guys......but I still want um!  Who knows.....maybe I'll get lucky :wink:


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