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Looking for specific set of floor mats

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If they were black and gold..there would be a bidding war..

I have a set of these in my car, I LOVE THEM!! I think they compliment the interior PERFECTLY! You just have to keep watching ebay! Thats what I did. I watched a set sell for $710.00 on there that was brand new & included the rears too. (i think it might be someone here that sold them...wink) Put in a Favorite search in ebay for trans am floor mats & when any get listed, it will be emailed to you! Worked for me.

I have a set in my car that I bought on ebay as usable matts since my car actually had the original GM mats in it! So I was pretty happy about that.

Had a set in the Y82 I used to own.  Great floor mats... want to get another set for the Y81.  Looks like we'll all be bidding against each other when these things do pop up on ebay!!! :lol:


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