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Hello gang,

I've got some extra parts floating around that I want to get rid of.  I've got the following:

One drum brake rear axle, positraction differential, 2.41:1 gears.   It can be used with 3 series gears with a ring gear spacer.

One drum brake rear axle, open differential, 2:41:1 gears.

Two Pontiac 350 blocks, either will probably clean up with a .030" overbore.

Two Pontiac cranks from 350's.  They are identical to a 400 crank.  Both need to be gound and polished.

If nobody wants this stuff, its going to the scrap yard.  

I really don't want to deal with shipping, but I'm willing to work on it as long as I don't incur any costs.

I am located in north central Ohio (Norwalk, to be exact).

PM me if you're interested.


Tin Indians Rule:
Hey, How soon does it all need to be picked up? Would you drop it in Mansfield, OH if I get a place to stash the stuff until I can pick it up? How much to truck it all over there?

I might strike out on the drop zone, my friend usually runs off to Canada and hunts from Jan-March. Think about it and I'll let you know if I get the go ahead for storage.

Also, if you get a taker for right now go with it.

It's just sitting here taking up space.  I don't have a dire need to make it go away tomorrow or anything, I just don't want it hanging around forever.

I don't have a pickup truck, though.  I really don't have a good way to haul it anywhere.


Tin Indians Rule:
Okay, Was a great idea tho. If my memory serves me correctly your close to mansfield and that would have worked out great. Thanks anyway!


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