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Wanted: T-10 4spd shifter

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--- Quote from: "milly" ---You'll need a 4-speed console too if you are converting from auto to manual trans.  :wink:
--- End quote ---

Not neccessarily.  I've seen a very few TAs wtih a 4 speed and no console -- in fact, I think I've seen one on this board within the past week IIRC.  Just about everyone did have the console, thought.

My TA was an original 4spd car,  still have the orginal trans.  I shoved the 400 and auto trans from the 77 TA I ripped apart.  I haven't hooked up the auto shifter yet.  Lately I just want to put the 4spd back in.  So I have the the original console and the auto console out of the 77.

Neither shifter is an original. original shifters have a slide in round stick with hurst stamped in it. I have several extras if you need one.

Here's what the original one looked like.

i have a 4-speed with no console and it looks awesome with a nice new boot all u need to use is the hurst indy universal shifter and it works fine


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