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Where are people buying parts?


Where are people buying parts to restore these cars? Just years ago when I had no money, i would frequent Year One, Classic Industries, Ames for parts. Now it seems those sites have nothing but back ordered parts. What seems to be up?

It is getting more difficult to find parts.  I, too, used to go through Classic Industries at one point, if absolutely need be.  However, these days so many industries are feeling the same pinch as a result of distribution problems stemming from the Covid virus, and the restrictions that were set in place.  Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll see a vast improvement within the distribution sector out there this year.  Believe me, I know where you're coming from!  I've had to improvise a few times over the course of the past 2 years.

Thanks for the reply! I was thinking I wasn't going to get one considering how less busy this site is. Makes me sad to be honest. I bought my '78 when I was 15 years old and now I'm 34 and finally financially able to restore my car. I was worried the reason why there are so few parts was because these cars are getting older and the market just wasn't there anymore. But all that you said makes sense. The old saying fits me too well, "A day late and a dollar short". Well I hope parts for these cars become available soon. Crazy to think when I got this car, it was only 25 years old. Now a 25 year old car is a 1997 Trans am, those were technically new at that time. Time flies unfortunately.

Back-ordered parts because China has been busy. The same everywhere.


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