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Hey guys we have been working on expanding out some here. We have been looking locally in Western New York for some classic cars. While Western New York is known as the rust belt it also is the home of Delphi / Harrison Radiator, American Axle and the GM Tonawanda GM Engine Plant. What that means is a ton of folks who have gotten GM employee discounts here in the Buffalo area for decades. Something else in Buffalo is the one saving grace against rust and that is the garage! We have been able to locate not only RUST FREE Cars but also LOW MILE cars. Our goal now and going forward is to keep a selection of great cars and fix them while producing our You Tube How To videos, once finished we will offer them up keeping the price tag UNDER $10k.

To browse our current selection of cars check out the link below. If you see something you like call us 716 258 2065 and let's see if we can get you into your next classic muscle car!

I love the concept.  Hard to find places trying to offer good older cars at a reasonable price.  Best of luck with this venture.

I tough as I end up really hunting but helps create new videos and also is fun to drive them all (all are on the road and we drive them) As per sell pricing that is pretty easy just don't be crazy price wise. I see guys buying all day on facebook and ebay getting cars for damn near nothing and then killing folks because they can.  Just not cool. I do make about 1000-1500 per car but some of that is for labor costs of installing the new parts needed to make the car A+ once more. The work we sub out helps local guys pay the month to month bills so everyone wins, including the person buying the car.


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