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Trans Am Value Section
« on: June 28, 2011, 12:31:24 PM »
It was suggested to me about adding a new "Trans Am Value" section on the Forum to help make it easier for people to do searches on maybe what their car is worth. We get posts here all the time from people asking what there car is worth so I guess it warrants a section dedicated to it so maybe people can search for an answer easier and find what they are looking for.

Now in this section, we are just a group of enthusiasts who own and/or work on Trans Ams. We are not professionals at this nor are we experts so what is said in this section and the values that are given are our "opinions" on what the group feels a car is worth out there in the open market. Every car is different and we are just giving our opinions on what we think the cars would be worth. Please do not take it as "Gospel" just as a good start to what a car may be worth out there in today's market.

I hope this sections helps out in any searches for helping to estimate what your car is worth.
Brett Campbell
1978 Trans Am