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Classified Posting Rules and Guidelines #2


Ok, I figured it was about time to do a second posting about Rules and Guidelines about posting a car for sale.  Now these following Rules and Guidelines and not for the poster, but for eveyone else on the Forum.

If you do not have an interest to purchase the car or have any hand in selling the car, then please do not post any random comments about what is for sale.  It happens too many times now about someone coming in and posting "Well, I would only pay $XX,XXX for the car"...... That's great... But honestly, who cares.  Maybe you would only pay so much for a certain car, but that does not mean someone else will not pay a different price.  These people selling cars do not need everyone's extraneous comments about what you paid for a car or what you are willing to pay for a car.  Frankly, anyone can ask anything they want for the car that they are selling.  If you do not think a car is worth it or what have you then.... frankly does not matter to anyone else here, especially the seller.  So please keep those comments to yourself.

Also, please refrain from posting misc. comments like "Nice Car", or "Looks good".  We don't need a post of a car for sale to go on for three pages with comments that don't make a difference about the sale of the car.  Also, please refrain from blasting someones car just because something is wrong.  If you see something wrong with a car that contradicts what is listed or stated, then simply ask the seller a question about it rather than shooting him down til' no tomorrow with comments like "Hey, they never made that", or "That is totally wrong and you are a crook".  If something is incorrect, simply ask a question nicely to help clarify what is listed.

I have seen this too many times now here and it is getting quite annoying for myself and others here on the Forum including the people who are trying to sell their cars.  So, if you have no stake or claim on the car being sold, or if you are not planning on purchasing the car, then please keep your comments to yourself.  Any extraneous comments will be removed by Admins and Moderators.  

Thank You.


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