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f.s 1979 trans am 400 speed


For Sale  1979 Pontiac Trans Am SE
Starlite Black exterior (19)
Black cloth hobnail interior (19B1)
Y84-  1979, Black and Gold Special Edition
W72- Pontiac 400 engine t/a 6.6
4 speed transmission
3:32 rear
WS6 package
4 wheel disc
15x8 wheels
t top by Fischer
loaded p/s p/db p/window p/door lock tilt wheel a/c power trunk rear defrost factory am/fm cassette

i have owned this car for 28years  Jan 1994 38,000 miles
the car is truly MINT !!!
can be seen in youtube video  " riding shotgun with michelle rodriquez "
2003 high performance pontiac  best in show   also in magazine
always garaged kept covered and maintained  PHS Documented   build sheet   multiple award winner
the asking price is $75,000

the time has come to pass it along
thank you john


I stopped watching at Bandit package. GLWS.

Aus78, you didn't miss a whole lot.  It was a video with the production value of a youtuber where they constantly cut takes. 

Good luck with sale OP.  That is a cool car nonetheless.   

If I got a car like that, I'd black it out completely.


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