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How to start the valuation process?


We have a 78 TA that we want to sell.  Not sure where to start in figuring out a fair price?  Appreciate any help thanks!

If youíre selling locally, the best bet is to see what like condition and optioned T/Aís are selling for. If nationally, same advice. If this is a rare or super nice car, those things need to be factored in. Bottom line is that itís only ever worth what someone is willing to give you for it. The last T/A that I sold, many years ago, was also a 1978. However, it was a DKM, #127. It sold for much less than I would have hoped for, but I sold it locally and not many people knew/know what those cars are. In fact many people didnít like the name on the side of them... MACHO T/A... it really was kinda cheesy, but considering the era, maybe not so much. All the best in your sale!

Do a search on other similar models and see what condition they are in and what price they are being listed at. It doesn't mean they are selling for that price but it may be a starting point.


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