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1980 Indy Pace Car


Hi all,
Just acquired an '80 Pace Car (original drive-train I believe), and am putting together a beginning list of things needed.  If you, or someone you know can assist in finding OEM or OER parts, please let me know via email -

1st order of business is the front seat covers, a CORRECT Passenger side T-top, and any T-top trim pieces (hopefully in the correct color, but am willing to refinish to spec.

And while I'm here, can somebody give me a general tune-up list?  She starts, runs, and drives, but fluctuates a bit at idle, and sometimes dies, even after warmed-up.  I'm guessing air filter, plugs, and possibly a carb rebuild - sticking float?)  Any prioritized list is appreciated.

T/A Addict:
Great score..... '80 pace car is one of the top cars on my wish list. Seat covers are available from a PUI distributor or Legendary seat covers but they are on big back order.

As far as the way it is running be sure to check for any vacuum leaks

I just placed an order with Legendary.  Depending on how fast you want the seat covers....they are 36 weeks out.  Said I should see the rear seat covers by September.

pace cars are cool, i own a 1981 daytona 500 pace car.  the turbo 301 is a little different to work on than standard V8 engines, best thing to start with is a GM service manual, pretty sure hitman still sells them on CD, send him a message to see. next thing is to check out & join 301garage website, all the 301 turbo info you will need to to work on the car & some members may have parts you need. 


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