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This is Ruby AKA "The Project"

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Your story is so much like mine. I started with a 70 standard bird...built the engine (350p), crashed it, put the engine in a  74 grand prix, then a 74 standard bird (went through the engine again with a smaller cam) found a 79 T/A in 1995 and put the motor and a rebuilt th350 tranny in the 79. It's been under a tarp and now in one of those "tarp garages" and I'm finally getting some work done on it this year, and lining up my winter projects.
Please keep the stories and pics coming..I thought I was the only man left with an understanding wife...she's let me drag the engine and cars everywhere we she can't wait to drive it (she raced her neighbor in the 70 bird before she even had her liscense!...we were just dating married 23 years!)

Rick C.

jorgensen trans am:
i just bought a 1979 6.6 project car and im so excited

Don't let anyone tell you it won't ever get put back together!!!

So yesterday I managed to spend most of the day stripping the car further.

Blower motor/shroud off firewall, heater core, Brake booster/pedal assembly, wiper assembly, all screws, bolts gromets, etc. off outside of firewal.

Then went inside and removed shifter and linkage, throttle pedal, steering column, parking brake pedal, wiring harness inside and out, wire shrouds, and everthing else that was attached to the front of the body.

I'll get some pics up after of work right now.

Doea anybody have a close up picture of the firewall. I have accident damage and want to see what things are supposed to look like

After I was done stripping it I was able to pull out my hammer dolly and massage out some obvious stuf. Neighbors were real thrilled with all the noise  :) :) :)

brian c:
Here's mine

The wrinkle just above the tranny hump is due to the distributor hitting the firewall during a crash. This was well before I bought it and not disclosed at time of purchase.

If you're looking for something else, let me know as I might have a pic of it. If not, I have a 80 firebird with no engine/tranny that I can pop the hood off and grab some quick pics.


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