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Multi Media Blaster

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Just took it out for its first test run.

It started blowing media but after 10 seconds it stopped feeding media then Id let off the dead man and then pressed on it again and it would start feeding. I adjusted the valve for more media and then it worked fine.

I love this thing. It's like a gigantic eraser. blast radius is like 4" diameter. It just blast everything gone.

I have to play with different pressures. I think it's a little too aggressive even with the fine glass media.

As for wiping down soda with Thinner, it won't neutralize the baking soda. You almost have to wash it with vinegar and then use prep all.  But that won't guarantee you got it all and you won't know until after the paint dries and it starts peeling.

I'll post some pics of the hood I practiced on. I regret now not making a quick video. I may do more this week.

That's cool stuff Jupiter

~Trans ams rule....others drool~


   I can't wait to get my TA's blasted and into primer.  I can say this is so much nicer then a 60 gallon compressor and a little 50lbs pot blaster.


Came out great

that turned out great! if you wanna just mail that blaster to my house that would be nice!


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