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--- Quote from: smfs_fear_mii on July 13, 2014, 10:52:43 AM ---if i had money i would buy one! with all of the wire brushes i have ever bought i ccould have probably bought one lol

--- End quote ---

Try renting one maybe

i will when time comes to rip the subframe off and do the body. i gotta get the engine back together so i can get it back to ohio!

If you do go the blasting route when the time comes feel free to hit me up. I'll give you whatever tips I got. I first thought it was just point and shoot and then I learned it was much more.

isnt that all it is? just point and shoot ;D

I had a test panel. An old hood for a 67 mustang. I had it at 100psi, blasted it and then noticed I could see all of the substrate through the skin. It is now permanently screwed. So I had to do a lot of tests with how much nozzle pressure vs pot pressure and how much media to feed. It ended up being it's own science. But now I got most of it figured out


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