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I was in the same boat trying to get estimates to media blast my '77 TA.  I ended up buying a 60 gallon 5 HP upright compressor and am well on my way to taking care of the job myself.  While speaking with a reputable media blasting shop north of Seattle the owner told me when he inspects a vehicle prior to blasting he will gently press down on the various panels with two fingers.  If the panel has any flex, he does not blast it.  I used this theory while stripping my TA - I used chemical stripper on the roof and quarters, and media blasted the more stout areas.  So far so good, I've not had any issues.

Good luck with your new set up!

That's some good advice. Do you know what media the guy used? Or what you're using?

I heard crushed glass was perfect for thin sheet metal but a bit more abrasive than soda and leaves the surface prepped for primer unlike soda.

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I thought I'd update this thread.

Here's some free info that I've accumulated.

  From everything I've read or heard from the Pros, Do not use Baking Soda to blast a car! They said it leaves a film that is not always rinsed off thoroughly enough and can cause the new paint to peel. Also if you get soda in the nooks and crannies it is like salt and will cause it to rust out. So Soda is off my list for the car. It also leaves the metal too smooth.

  So I've settled on Crushed Glass. I'm going to use a fine grade as I may not need medium grade. It's about $12.50 per 50lbs. It etches the metal great, everyone loves the stuff and you can use low pressure around 60psi.

  The new thing is, it's not necessarily the heat that warps the panels but the pressure you are hitting the panel with. You blast it at 100psi and you will warp the panel, drop it down to 60psi and it shouldn't warp.

Now there is a new Dustless Blasting system. It uses Water with Crushed Glass. This sounds ideal as it keeps the heat down and you can shoot it with 60psi. Problem is the pot is like $15k to start, and you're spraying water all over the place and making the ground muddy.

So I am hoping to use my set up soon and I will update you all to let you know what worked best. I am told a regular blaster like mine will do just as good as a dustless blaster. We shall see

great info... looking forward to seeing the results.

If you use baking soda, I dont see why you couldnt wipe it off with some paint thinner. As far as the pressure warping the panels.. The pressure is creating more heat but as long as you don't focus on one area it should be fine. Let us know how your experience goes.


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