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Title: 79 Trans Am value
Post by: ckpa on June 23, 2017, 12:46:55 PM
Picking your brains on this. We have a 79 Trans Am with 403 engine. 59000 miles. Runs good and no major body issues. We have it listed for 12000 but just had someone check it out. They really went over it. Their comments include leak at rear window, window seal rubbers dried out. tach not working right (fluctuates), oil leak at valve cover , passenger side door drops when opens but does close properly and driver seat adjustment not working. Cosmetic includes seam opening on driver seat, plastic vent under front bumper needs replaced, crack in center console cover; adjustment for driver seat broke.
  Starting offer 5000. Seems low to  me but not really sure where values of these cars are. They are willing to negotiate. Thoughts anyone?
Title: Re: 79 Trans Am value
Post by: NWTransAms on June 23, 2017, 08:19:55 PM
To me it sounds like you experienced a nickle-dimer low-baller.  Most of the issues listed are inexpensive fixes.  Is this a T-Top T/A? Even if it isn't, and if the paint is good (no mention of it needing a paint job) you should at least be $9K-$10K for a 59K original mile car. Very nice 79's are listed for 12K-$27K on eBay.  I sold a 79 T/A project coupe, 403 that needed rebuilt,  had a seriously rusted-out quarter panel, floor board rust, very sad and incomplete interior, oxidized non-factory paint on eBay for a respectable amount.  There is no way I would have let yours go for $5K. 

Hope this helps.   You may want to sell on eBay - eBay has great market coverage.

Title: Re: 79 Trans Am value
Post by: ckpa on June 24, 2017, 08:17:48 AM
  Appreciate your input. Not knowing the market, those are my feelings on the price-felt it was too low ad did not accept. The car was repainted years ago and is not needed again. No rust.  It is not a T-top. Thanks for the Ebay on tip. I never tried listing on the site and may try that route.
Title: Re: 79 Trans Am value
Post by: jonathonar89 on June 24, 2017, 09:23:08 AM
The problem is social media and phone users are devaluing these cars.  I tried listing my 1of126 BPM paint code '98 Trans Am on Facebook and it generated 200 comments of "that's a $3k-$5k car at best" or "I've gotten these cars at this price"...not one serious buyer came from it but a lot of people had a lot to say.   Your price is probably right on but a buyer can simply google/Facebook/eBay search for something else rather quickly.  For good chance you're losing money, it's probably best just to keep the car.
Title: Re: 79 Trans Am value
Post by: Squirrel on June 24, 2017, 09:41:45 PM
can you post a link to your ad, or better pm me the link to your ad.