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1971 TA Value
« on: June 07, 2014, 10:25:56 AM »
I jumped on a nice '71 in Cameo White this past weekend.  It was listed as a "numbers matching" 455 HO but it doesn't have the original engine although it does have the original TH400.  Yes, I am shocked, shocked I tell you that the car didn't match the listing!!!   ::)

It was rotisserie restored by a previous owner (not the one I bought from) about 10 years ago but the restoration wasn't Concourse level detail and accuracy meaning (besides the non-original engine) the cable routing in the engine compartment isn't right, engine compartment paint is gloss black instead of the flatter factory black, underside is black instead of red primer, decals were painted over with clear coat, etc. 

The engine is a YC coded 455 with aluminum Edelbrock Performer RPM round-port heads, Edelbrock Performer manifold, Edelbrock cam (I don't know which one though), Quadrajet carb, Hedman ceramic coated headers and three inch exhaust.  All of this is in excellent shape but I have no idea what they did to the insides during the rebuild and I don't have any of the original HO parts except the air cleaner. I haven't dynoed it yet but it runs well and is very streetable.  I'm guessing it might be about 400hp. 

Body and paint are beautiful with only a few easily repaired blemishes.  The stripes look stock but are painted rather than decals.  Interior was redone (headliner, carpet, seats, doors, etc.) but the dash was cracked so they put on a dash cap and it's missing the headliner trim pieces on the side.  There's a small amount of surface rust on the floor of the trunk but the quarter panels and rest of the car is clean and rust free.  The chassis/undercarriage are all in excellent shape.  Car has only had about 6,000 miles put on it since the restoration.  I'm currently refreshing the restoration.

I paid $25,000 for it (much less than was asked due to the YC motor) and I'm comfortable with that based on the 71's rarity (only about 2,100 built) and what I'm seeing true "numbers matching" HO's going for but am interested in your opinions about where I should take this.  For instance, would there be any value in restoring the original decals and finding an authentic HO block even if it isn't numbers matching?  Given the engine situation would additional mods such as subframe connectors, WS6 steering, or modern disk brakes make much difference or is it "Katy bar the door" as long as I keep the external appearance stock?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Re: 1971 TA Value
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2014, 01:35:57 PM »
w/o the motor and with the other mods you mention it will never be a 100% numbers car.  with that in mind I would say mod it as much or as little as you want. sounds like a bad azz car.
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