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Speedometer Noise
« on: January 13, 2019, 07:56:43 PM »
I couldn't find a similar post regarding speedometer noise, so I started this new one.  My 1980 Trans Am speedometer has an annoying clicking sound that increases and decreases with speed, so I am thinking the speedometer cable needs lubricating.  The needle is smooth and does not jump, just makes noise.  My thoughts are to remove the dash to access the cable connection to the back of the dash and spray graphite into the cable housing.  What I have read on the internet is to pull the cable and coat with light grease but I am not sure I have the ability to do that.  Could anyone advise? I live in Grand Forks North Dakota and I don't think any mechanics or dealerships know how on work on a car of this vintage.  Every time I have had it worked on it comes back with additional issues or scratched paint. 

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Re: Speedometer Noise
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2019, 04:25:07 PM »
Is the clicking coming from inside the car or does it seem to be an external noise?

If it's inside:

If you can, definitely try to remove it and once out, verify that the cable is in fact not the issue....oil or grease it up how ever you see fit...put it back in and if it doesn't go away then it may be an issue inside the cluster....maybe the mileage counter or the gearing inside the speedo.

I have never had this issue before but those are things I would to try and diagnose the problem.

If it's outside, then it may be the small plastic gears that go into the transmission but I'm really thinking its not that...I would disconnect the cable from the tranny and speedo and start with that.
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