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Some Bandit progress pictures!

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It's on the wheels again! Although crappy wheels just for rolling it around till the snowflakes are refinished, but still on a set of wheels!

Also pics of my Autometer gauges. I'm in the process of wiring them up now. It is a long, tedious project, but I'm almost done!

I like the guages.  A little big but they look great.  Just a little polish on the body and she's ready for a cruise-in.

i'm thinkin about putting some black autometers in, but those look great!!! and i know the project is tedious but it'll all be worth it where your done!! good luck w/ it.

thats the same gauge setup im going with......looks great

Yeah, I saw that! Yours looks sweet! I wanted to be the first one, but lack of money for the last two years prevented me from buying my speedo and tach. All the others have been sitting and waiting.  :lol:  :lol:


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