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Formula vs Lingenfelter Vette

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Here's a nite at the 1/8th.
All three of these guys were talking smack in the lanes,especially the Vette guy who said we(my son)didn't have to line up with him and I said that's ok we'll find out who a driver is...
Some of you may have seen this from TAC but it's priceless cause both Vettes left the trac after that run.[url][url=]Click here to watch stang-ss-vette_0001[/url]

That was pretty cool. I like that guy talking in the back ground: "Watch that old school Pontiac go to work on him". 8)

thats priceless, it's even better that the Vette guy was talkin' smack and you guys spanked him. he must of been sleeping on the line.

Eagle 1:

--- Quote ---"Watch that old school Pontiac go to work on him".
--- End quote ---

Awesome  8)

LeighP: gotta know the Vette is in trouble when you hear the engine in the Formula....  :lol:


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