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Bob is back at it on Ebay T/A's just mustang's and Camoro's. Wish we could stop him.

This is my last update for a while unless something really interesting develops.  It seems that the complaint boards and the thread served my purpose of warning potential new victims of what awaited them should they "win" his auctions.  I hope it holds true for the Mustangs and Camaros victims.  Here's his personal e-mail to me tonight:
I just saw the damage you inflected on eBay and link to our website.  It was brought to my attention by a customer that backed of a deal for over 20k.  He understood the crazy man with the half finished car, and the other rebuttals, but cited your post as the reason why he wasn’t ordering. I also had an order last night back out too. Another 20k lost.  That would have solved a lot of Mrs. Izdepski and your problems. You helped burn away your fast refund.  But you know best it seems.

I have no idea who Mrs. Izdepski is or who bid $20,000, let alone 2 people bidding that much.  Since the top bid only went for $13,600, does that mean he has even more victims out there that buy away from e-bay?  God help us all.
See you guys.
Thanks for all the advice and well wishes.  Right back at ya.

I hope this thread can continue to spread the word of BAB's criminal enterprises, and Bob's comical, psychotic, pathological emails.

Good luck to all who are out money, hopefully you can at least see bob rot in jail someday

brian c:
Doubtful it will help but the Camaro was reported as fraudulent. I'll let someone else handle the Mustang.

And we probably should back off just a touch as none of us have a horse in this race. Not saying that BAB is right in any means, they really should meet with "Bubba" in the State Pen some day.

We all can continue to flag his eBay auctions if desired....if eBay gets enough of these, perhaps it will get BAB banned to avoid someone else getting scammed.

George, if you get advised elsewise, just let me know and I'll change my eBay habits to fit your needs .

My $0.02.

**Modified at request of George.

I would like to see everybody on this site flag BAB P/P's Camaro and Mustang ads. It's 73 Camaro and a 65-66 Mustang as fraudulent.......thanks for your help!


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