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Hi all, really dont want to do this, but the seller doesnt leave me much choise.
Last thing I want to do is offend anyone, so I will keep the sellers info to myself for now.
Ordered some parts from a well known vendor on this forum and didnt receive everything. Contacted the seller about this, but never got an answer. For some weeks now, no reply.
What to do? Just put his name up here and bitch about him?.., that just isnt me.
This doesnt involve a whole lot of money, I could just forget about it and be done.. but that just isnt me either.
Im hoping the seller will read this (Im sure he will) and then contacts me to resolve this issue.

Seller has contacted me.
The issue should be resolved.

T/A Addict:
Now that is a quick resolution...... actually should never have gotten this far but at least it is resolved now without slinging names around. Congrats


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