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Was just reading some posts this morning and thought i would post a pic of my 1980. (Francisco Red)   I have a few cars in my garage but non come close to this one for the driving enjoyment!  Nothing like cursing around in a TA.  Pic is from this spring when I took the car out to clean the garage after a long winter  :)

RENOVATIONS:'s a great color!

Thanks, I think so as well.  I was actually looking for a black and gold which I love but when I came across this one last year I could not pass it.  It was in this dark old garage for years which did not do it justice.  But once I got it home and all polished I could not believe how nice the paint came out.  I could not be happier.  I love it!

WOW very nice looking car and the snow flakes POP. 

2x on "nothing like cruising around in a T/A" Nice looking T/A !! 8)


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