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Burt Reynolds Pontiac Trans Am


Found the Bandit for sale.

how awesome would it be to have one of the bandits owned by Burt

Burt Reynolds Pontiac Trans Am

youtube video

Burd Turd:

You again?

To anyone who sees this, the people behind the sale of that car have been posting it everywhere under random accounts. I don't think the car is legitamte, the title has Burt Reynolds name signed as "Burt Reynelds" which to me is a really big warning sign. The car has been restored poorly, there are things wrong with the interior, the decals are done incorrectly in places, and there are too many things that just seem wrong with the car and I certainly do not believe it is a Y82 Special Editon. If it was owned by Burt, that's up for you to decide.

It's genuine. The shaker twisted after the bridge jump. Nice gold mesh grille, customised by Burt himself as he didn't like the correct way.


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