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found in a barn after 23 years. HELP!


Chris W:
It happened by accident but I found one.  1978 Pontiac Trans Am.  It has been indoors the entire time and is now under boxes and other junk.  I am a car guy and last owned a 1967 Le Mans so I know most of what to look for but wanted to talk to someone who knows the T/A from that era.  Paint and body are in GREAT shape.  No rust at all. With a good bath and elbow grease it will probably turn heads.  Its not listed for sale and wont be so please don't ask where you can find it.  Cant get any pics with a file size small enough to upload.  Still working on it.

Here is what I know from looking it over for a few minutes. 
VIN Code 2W87Z8L171XXX
Blue on Blue, A/C, All original right down to the wheels
Automatic Transmission
Pontiac 400 (Not Olds 403)  Shaker decal says T/A 6.6
2 D Coupe, not a T-top
Odometer reads 31,644  I'm guessing it is correct but could have been rolled.  Won't know until I talk to the owner.

Lot's of these cars were made in 1978.  It was parked where it sits sometime in 1999 or 2000 (Registration is in the car)  It was running just fine when it was parked.  From what I gathered the owner got in a motorcycle accident and never drove it again.  I noticed the car when I bought the motorcycle but didn't think much about it.  I was not able to pop the hood with all the junk in the way to look at the ID plate on the firewall so details about the engine are UNK.  I know these cars are gaining value and I am looking to get something but not sure if this is what I want.

Number one question is: what is a respectable price to pay for this car?  I have seen them listed from $10,000 to $50,000.  Some in fair shape and some restored.  Heck one listing was the car without a motor or trans for $9800?  This car will need a complete go through before I can drop a battery in it and turn the key.  Radiator, ALL the fluids, electrical may be eaten up by mice, belts, carb rebuild, plugs, wires, suspension, tires, brakes, engine rebuild, tranny rebuild, I could go on and on...  Ya'll know what I'm talking about.  It is going to take a good chunk of money to get this car back on the road.  To me it is worth it but I want to hear what you all have to say about it.  I want to make a FAIR offer and obviously get it as cheap as possible so....

Hit me with the comments and suggestions.  What is a fair price for something like this after sitting up for 23 years?

My feeling is it needs to be checked out thoroughly, the under car by the seat supports, leaf springs cup area, rear tail panel and trunk floor for rust, these are the areas where rust will form when a car sits, battery tray too, rad support, since no T-tops front floors and dash corners should be ok, is it in a barn or a garage?

Yep, he didn't read a word of that. Requests information and assistance, never returns. Luckily no one really wasted their time.

He probably found out it wasn't for sale at any price :(


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