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Classified Posting Rules and Guidelines


Classified Rules and Guidelines:

Read these Rules and Guidelines before you post your item for sale. If you choose not to follow these rules, your listing will be probably be removed.

Rules and Guidelines:


1. Anyone selling a car must include a photo, or photos, of the actual car for sale. If you do not add a photo your ad will be deleted. You can link to photos, but we ask that all sellers to link to actual photos of the car for sale; not similar cars, but the exact car in your possession that you are selling.

2. Include a price in all your cars for sale!  Please do not post items with "Best Offer" or "OBO"... we like playing games, but guessing games on prices for cars for sale is not one of them.  We are not here to give you an idea of what your car is worth.

3. Posting a location of where the car is located helps out greatly to allow the purchaser to get an idea of transportation costs and/or drive time to pick up the car.

4. Private/Personal listings only, no links to cars for sale that you have no personal knowledge of or are not personally involved with the sale. Don't post a link to something for sale from some ad you just happened to find out there on the Internet somewhere and have no idea about the car or seller.

Thanks for helping make a better place for all Firebird/Trans Am owners.  Please follow these Rules and Guidelines to help speed along with the sale of your car.

All sales in this section are conducted by private sellers and does not warrant or guarantee any of the parts or cars sold through's Forum. In addition, does not have any control over any of the sellers or the buyers, and all transactions are considered private transactions. I do NOT vouch for the validity or reputation of anyone buying or selling on (unless it is me).

If you buy or sell on, you agree to not hold liable for any money lost, problems, issues, etc which may result from any, transactions conducted on's Forum. Therefore, is not liable for any items sold or bought here, or problems you may have when conducting business. If you do not understand these terms, please contact myself or a moderator for clarification before posting your item for sale.

Thank You.

Please also check this posting for more Rules and Guidelines:


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