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« on: May 25, 2021, 10:17:48 AM »
OK- decided to spend a little more money and go with an EFI on the new engine. 81 formula with 4 speed. I’m replacing the 305 Chevy engine with a 350. The 350 is a stock 4 bolt main with vortec heads and a mild cam upgrade. Looking for recommendations regarding an EFI . Thanks!

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« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2022, 09:35:46 AM »
There's many reasons to put an EFI system on your car. I'm sure most of you want the horsepower and increase your speed down the quarter-mile track. Personally, I wanted to increase the mileage as well as horsepower that I would be getting out of this stock 400 cubic inch Pontiac V-8. I spent dollars in 2006 to place a tuned port EFI system built for the Pontiac 400 from Edelbrock. Mistake was I placed it on a tired motor with 157000 miles. But, it still runs. Maybe next year I will have the engine rebuilt. Second mistake was that I bought the Pro-Flo instead of waiting for the Pro-flo 2 or 3. Wrong word mistake, It added a challenge. You need a laptop and knowledge on how to MAP the injector, timing and so on. Edelbrock and I became friends. Even though I drove it to LA to share my thoughts and the project with Edelbrock, I did receive the mileage. Last trip to Las Vegas yield me between 18 to 24 MPG. Last trip to Detroit yielded me the same, The 2-72 rear end gears need to GO! to be switched out for a 3-08. Driving down Woodward Blvd was not fun. I could not get it out of first gear. No One was to do burnouts. RIGHT! but, everyone did at least once but me. 2-72 posi trac gears are great for the highway. But not for showing off, LOL.I did run down the track here at Bandimere.  On Wednesday night any one can drag at night. Very impressive 21 second run. No worries, Top speed can not be determined for the speedo stops at 120. How many places can you drive at this speed has no existence in the continual US but if you are smart, Utah can provide.
Back to the EFI. Make a list of Pro and Cons. Justify the cost and cost savings. I am glad I did because I started with a 6 MPG beast and now have a 14 MPG PLUS pleasure cruiser with the AC on. Denver has strict emission testing and it passes. Why Not! I burn gas more efficiently and control how it performs. Yep, I still have the 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM and it RED like the FIRE. In a way, I like the PRO-FLO because I can fine tune the engine performance to the driving condition I want to see. Oh! Back to horsepower. I get 1 HP per CI and I am happy. See ya on the road…