Author Topic: Which heads to buy to replace for a 1975 Pontiac 400 motor  (Read 1631 times)

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Was going to buy Edlebrock 60579 , but I keep reading about "special" headers for them ? This is just a daily driver and I need the 87 cc to keep it around 9:1 ratio. Also . will the current 350 Turbo Trans bolt up to the 75 block ? I believe it will , just checking.

Anyone please make a suggestion ? If you can please add web resources and or URL links be much appreciated.

Here's the scoop. Blew up the 301 turbo that came with the 1981 I am currently working on. Replacing it with a 1975 400 bored .040 over.

The heads were shot from the 400 so I need new ones. I also need an intake for it.

If anyone could please help .... thank you very much

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Re: Which heads to buy to replace for a 1975 Pontiac 400 motor
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Poor 301T I wish that could be saved :(

To answer your question, yes the 400 from 1975 will bolt up to the TH350 as it's still a Pontiac bolt pattern. Idk what heads you want to use, but you can get brand new aluminium heads of ebay etc, or go find some used 6x4 heads and just port and mess around with those
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