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I've just aquired a new project.. (Not a F-body)

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I've wanted one of these cars for a VERY, VERY long time. Never found one that I thought was worth the money or the trouble of going to pick it up (rarely ever see them around here) so a friend of a friend of his mentions to my buddy on the computer a few weeks ago that there was one sitting in a guys driveway for sale about an hour from here. He sent my buddy a photo from his camera phone, and it looked pretty darn nice. Typical flakey paint and chips here and there, but it is from TN and VERY rust free with low mileage given the year. So me and my buddy head out to go look at it at 4am on a Saturday night, I end up calling the guy the next day and making a trip out there to test drive it and such.

Of course, it was exactly what I wanted. '88, Fiji blue exterior, black leather interior, SHP (Sport Handling Package--adjustable struts) 5-speed manual plus every option except sunroof. I ended up paying a litte more than the car is really worth, but it had everything as far as options going that I wanted plus NO rust! to me, that was worth the "extra" I paid for the car.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Heres a few pictures:

I can't wait to get it on the road tomorrow and start driving it. It'll be a gas saver compared to the gold T/A back and forth to work.  :D

Still don't have enough projects eh?  Looks nice and fun.  certainly a better daily driver than the T/A

Hahah, nope.

To be honest, if the gold T/A got better mileage it'd be a better daily to me. Much easier to replace than the Conquests.

Even so, it's only a summer daily driver like the gold T/A was. As soon as the salt comes they go off to storage. Then I have to start hunting down a winter vehicle.  :-X

eh its ok i guess, different strokes for different folks, im wanting to find a nice older datsun cause those can get to looking really nice and good on gas

Nice score, is it a turbo car? If so they run awesome.


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