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M. Dan Schalk:
Hi Gang, can anyone tell me where the numbers are stamped on the block. We found W A on the right side below the head. and also found a 4 digit number on the head, but the appraiser said that the block should have it's own number. We couldn't find one???? Any ideas?

Tin Indians Rule:
Sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words... Follow this link for more details

Look for the black arrow on the left side of the picture for VIN location

M. Dan Schalk:
Thanks for the link. I also checked the build sheet and the engine code says W A. Couldn't find the cast block numbers so I'll look for more numbers tomorrow but I think I'm on the right track at this point.

Along with the pics on the site that 'Tin Indians Rule' posted, here's some illustrated diagrams. Using  the two sites together, you should be able to locate all the numbers. Hope this helps.

M. Dan Schalk:
Ya see.... this is why I love the forum. Thanks for the info. I have found all the numbers and they are what they should be. The appraiser thought that the important one would be next to the engine code designation. It is behind the spout on the water pump. I'll forward the info to him for his documentation. Thanks for the help!


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