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Guys unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past 10 months you realize the economy has slowed down.  We along with about every other company are feeling the pinch as well. We have tried to think of new and inventive ways to “roll with the punches” here and think we have come up with a solution that helps you the client and also us your parts supplier.

Each morning we will add in the “FBODYWAREHOUSE / Sponsor Section” of the message board, a new daily special. Just like the little Mom & Pop corner café each day we will change it up some. Since we are a smaller company, there are many products and services we offer the big guys either cannot or choose not to offer. Also remember our prices are always SHIPPING INCLUDED so no “price shock” when you go to check out like the other companies! We will of course continue to offer our monthly specials which are featured in our monthly newsletter “The F-body Insider” (To view this month’s newsletter use the link on right side of the home page.)

The DAILY SPECIAL will range from something simple like a new console lid, all the way up to a new decal kit , weather seals or even dash boards and consoles! We will slash the price on the item down to the lowest possible price. We will post a direct link each morning to that product for you all. This way each day you can save some very big bucks on the items you need and we hope you will take the time while at our site to check out the 100’s of products and services we offer. We realize the economy is not going to turn around tomorrow and that your restoration parts budgets have been slashed. We hope you all can understand at the end of the day if folks like you do not buy any parts from us, we plain and simply don’t eat. Many of the huge Wal-Mart style parts sources have deep pockets and accounts from years of price and shipping cost gouging to weather the economic storm. Smaller companies industry wide ourselves included do not have these same luxuries.

We have and will continue to bring new and innovative ways to engage our clients and the F-body community, be it the Monthly Newsletter, Daily Specials, sponsoring this and other F-body related sites & F-body exclusive shows, or just a familiar friendly voice on the line when you call with your parts needs. We understand we are all in this together and we are and will be there for you all as have been for nearly 10 years, and hope to be for 10 more!

Pete –n- Staff

Can you not use yellow in these? I was trying to read that and can't with all that color jumping out at me.  :-[

what yellow? :D :D :D


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