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someone swapped the 403 6.6 what do I do?!

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I bought a 1979 t-top T/A with a rebuilt olds rocket 350. Should I leave the 350 in and build around it or look for a 403... The car is not going to be factory color but I still would like to be close to original. My question is how does my 350 line up to the 403 in looks and performance?

I bet if you check with some of the Olds performance suppliers either can be made  to make plenty of power reliably.
Since you already have the 350 and your not doing factory resto. work with what you have, put the money you are going to have to spend on a 403 block into the 350.


Tin Indians Rule:
What year 350? What heads are on it and have any mods alreay been done to the 350??

I am not sure of the year on the 350 but I know it has like less than 100 miles on it as a matter of fact, the tranny needs to be rebuilt and the car isnt road worthy yet so it probably has 0 miles on it. I think the heads are "C" heads but I dont know much about the 350. I have a 403 in a 79 formula that I bought at the same time for parts. The 403 is painted green though so it is questionable if it runs or not! I could probably rebuild it while I am runnin the 350, that is if the 403 isnt too far gone.

I have since my las post found out that my 350 is circa 1969 engine with 375 horsepower. Is that possible and if so is that better than the 403?


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