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someone swapped the 403 6.6 what do I do?!

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Tin Indians Rule:

--- Quote from: "81BlackTA" ---Oops, I noticed you directed that question at Tin...sorry to butt in but got excited when I read that it was a 69 engine.
--- End quote ---

No worries! We're all here to help. Olds are my first passion. At least when it comes to engines!!! :lol:

well, the car is at my dads house awaiting a 37'x40' workshop to be built. As soon as i can i will let you know the #'s on the heads and block

sad news... i found out that the heads that i have are NOT "C's" i really have no idea as to the identification of them but as soon as i can get over to my dads and pull the engine, i'll get back with you guys.

how does this change my performance knowing that they are not C heads?

should I still stick with the 350?

Tin Indians Rule:
it's really hard to say until you k now what engine/head combo you have. All Olds heads have either a letter letter/number combo on the left side right at the end of the head. Check there and then get the block casting number if possible.

OK check the heads if they have a "5" on them they those are pretty decent heads (they should be #5's but i dunno) what you can do is pick up a 403, theyre usually pretty cheap then if you want some serious horespower and have a bit of cash around you drill out the head bolt holes to 1/2 inch then you bolt those down, combine those with a decent cam, headers, and an edelbrock 3711 (for shaker clearance) and your golden. If you have even more cash dont hesitate to have the heads and bottom end rebuilt, bored out, milled, whatever.

you can usually get up in the 300'sHP maybe even 400's if you spend more money (like me  :D )


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