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hey guys, ive found a 1979 se for sale pretty close to home. i got the vin and cowl data, and it checks out.heres a little about the car.
the driver and passenger floor pans have holes the size of your fist in them, and the rear drivers fender has a hit in it that isnt to bad, no hole through it. the drivers exhaust manifold is cracked and there is some minor rust here and there. sounds great doesnt it! lol
on the up side- its a numbers car, factory air that works, factory stereo still in it, original rims, new fuel and brake lines, new brakes, t-tops, its got the 403 motor.
its missing all the decals on the body as well, but has all the gold birds inside except the steering wheel.
soooo, do i buy it, or pass on it. i can get it for $2500 CDN, or i can pay off my visa!
i know if i buy it i'll end out spending alot on it, i love the se's, but also in 79 they made 30,000+ se's, its the highest production se made i think.
i own a beauty 1980 t/a do i need to own 2 trans ams, DAMN RIGHT I DO, i think i'll buy this one......what do you think?

Tin Indians Rule:
Pay off the visa!!!! The interest will kill ya. Then buy a SE with all the interest you've saved. I'm sure it'll be a lot $$$$ saved.

That's what a good, Non_TA addict would do.

Hell, I'd buy it and then max out what's left on the visa with goodies for the car and tell my wife she needs a part time job to help fund my addiction!!! I sure hope she doesn't read this!!!!! :lol:  :roll:

If I don't post for a while you'll know she read it and put me on internet restriction.  :wink:

holy sh*t you scared me for a minute! i thought my old lady posted that reply!

Get a Chase interest free visa.. do a balance transfer of your old visa balance.. and you will have six months interest free!

Ok.. so that solves the VISA issue...

Now.. prepare for war on that Rust bucket SE you are gonig to buy!!!!!

FYI.. I bought a sweet SE rust bucket too.. SO WHAT ADVICE DID YOU THINK YOU WOULD GET??  :lol:  :lol:

You're probably asking the wrong people!  As a good friend of mine would say - go for it!  Of course it wasn't his money I was spending!

It actually sounds pretty decent to me.  I don't see how you can lose.


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