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78 TA engine swap 403 to a 327


Question-what mods are required to place a 327 in a 403 car.I know the tranny has to be changed.But what mods to the mounts.

Use mounts from a Firebird that originally came with a Chevy motor, or use same year Camaro mounts. We got ours from a local parts store. Jusst tell the counterman what you are planning and that you need Chevy V8 engine mounts that will fit the same year Firebird or Camaro. The subframes are the same between the two cousins. You may also have to move the battery if the starter is on the opposite side. The sbc starter is on the right side. Pontiacs are on the left. Not sure of the Olds, but I think the starter is on the left also. Make sure you get all of the SBC brackets and pulleys to.

Tin Indians Rule:
Keep in mind that the A/C stuff is on the other side too for a chevy. If your planning on keeping the A/C you'll need to get a set of hoses for a Camaro as well.

Joker (§ir£Ğragon):
Right, and all the bracketry, the starter...

Oh, BTW, if you need to make room for any of the new stuff in your garage you can always sell the old 403 to me. :wink:

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