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oil pan question...


Ok I have a 84 firebird and it has all the options... posi, 4 wheel disk, power everything.... execpt it still has the factory v-6..... but I am building a 4-bolt 355 right now thats gonna scream pretty good... but i hit a roadblock when it came to the oil pan... the 350 is out of a mid 80's chevy/gmc truck..... do i need a new oil pan for the firebird, or will the same one out of the truck fit?

I'm not 100% sure, but I think you may need to get a pan for an F-body. I would imagine that the truck pan would be a little larger than the F-body pan. A quick call to the local GM dealer should straighten that out.

im showing they are same pan......

Thanks for the info. :D


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