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rear window blinds

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I'm not sure what the correct name is for them...

and there is definitely no supplier in Ireland or  UK

so was hoping maybe you guys could point me in the right direction..

Im  sure you will know what I'm talking about but I've attached a picture

any help at all would be great...

Cheers Dave....


Hi, RSD. They are called louvers. Classic Industries sells them.

those exact one in the picture were made by cragar way back in the day. they no longer make them. classic industries makes similar ones, but i personally do not like them.

thanks a lot for the replies Guys..

found what I was looking for    :D

The interpart brand aluminum louvers from the 1970's are usually the most desired but they are not produced new anymore. If you search on ebay for louvers (firebird,trans am) you will spot some used louvers for sale.  Look for decent used ones that are not dented, dinged or twisted and you can repaint them as needed.


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