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Supercomp fitment 79TA Edelbrock Heads


Does anyone have any experience with round port supercomps (Edelbrock Heads) in a 1979 TA.  Hookers tech said  modifications are required and auto trany only.  That 70-74 and 74-79 where different.   Others I have spoken with said no fitment problems.   I am really not into header bashing and am considering RA manifolds or D Port Aluminum heads.

Your call, of course, but I really, really like the RA cast manifolds.  They just fit better.  As tight as the gen 2 F-body is under the hood, and given that I'm using my car on the street -- I just prefer the cast manifolds.  A lot of people run headers and wouldn't have anything else on their car, but I just like the factory-style cast RA manifolds.  My $0.02...

I know of one person running Super Comps and I think the only complaint was they hung a little low.

If you want a quality set of headers that fit right the first time, take a look at Doug's Headers. Mine fit perfect on a 4 speed car and I even kept the backdrive with no clearance issues. They are not cheap but after over four years my headers still look good. The Doug's headers have 1/7/8 tubes with 3 1/2 inch collectors and they work good with E heads.

I ran Hooker Super Comp's in my '79 (tight fit :shock: ) and that was on a small block Chevy( :oops:  long gone). They did ride low but rarely bottomed out or hit anything. Never seemed to sit right though...I know most headers leak...looked like crap in less than 2 months, too. Also overpriced $330. IMO drop-shipped 12 yrs ago

Dougs headers are definitly the way to go.


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