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Electric water pump


Bandit one:
I was wondering if anybody has ever put an electric water pump on an olds 455. My water pump has sprung a leak and would like to replace it with an electric one. The car is only used for drag racing so i will run it off a toggle switch. I would still like to use the power steering though, is there a mounting spot on an electric pump for the bracket on the power steering resevoir? Also i noticed there is a hose that comes from the thermostat housing to the factory water pump, will that still be used or will i have to plug it off somehow? Thanks for your help.......

Some of the electric water pumps that I've seen so have the heater bypass and others do not. You will want to research this before you buy depending on if you want heat or not. As far as the bracket goes, I'm not sure on that one.

Bandit one:
Thanks, do you know any brands. All i know is CSR and am not sure if the is a heater bypass or mounting spot for the power steering. Any help would be apreciated.

Just looked through my Jeg's catalog again and did not find one for an Olds engine. You might check their online store to see if they have one there. You might also try Summitt Racing too.


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